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HWEP - Am I late to the party?

I’m not quite finished with my lists to join HWEP yet but I think I just made a discovery on discounted shipping! Does anyone already use PayPal’s shipping label service? [update: will add some shipping tips in a new post when I have the time] 

I was getting ready for HWEP and kinda had sticker shock since I’m not used to paying anything but eBay seller postage prices. I was also shocked to find I can’t just ship a $3 small package from home by printing the label and leaving it in the mailbox. That is, until I accidentally stumbled upon PayPal’s shipping label service! I no longer have to visit the post office when they’re open if I want to ship for HWEP!


If you didn’t know already, it costs under $5 to get your own box that’s under 12 inches on every side to ship 1 pound maximum. You’ll be able to trim more off if you have smaller boxes and a pocket scale (or even kitchen scale) that measures by ounces. If you have to go over 1lb, there’s the ground service. Looks like it only costs $7 to ship 6-car case of Greenlight, HW Car Culture, Retro Entertainment, JL, etc. across the country.

I think a lot of you guys might already do this but I’m so glad I stumbled upon this. I’m feeling a lot more ready to HWEP it! ... even though I’ll still need time to work on my list. Feel free to laugh at me for barely figuring this out because I feel happy right now.

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