It’s been awhile. I have been a little busy lately but have managed to find time to hunt and gather and so I thought now would be a good time to show a little bit. First up is a mail hawl from my ongoing HWEP with TheBellKing. I tend to find stuff he can’t and vice versa which has resulted in this friendship. And here are the latest finds he has sent me.

All of these are highlights but you want to see the chases, so...

I’m not really a fan of GreenLight’s Green Machines chases but when the car’s paint color is green, then I’m a fan. Especially on a GT500

Also included in the box was this awesome GT350R custom created by our very own WitheredCustomz


All excellent content and I really consider the whole box a RAOK because of how TBK hooks me up.

So next, I happened to be near a Hobby Lobby after walking a toy and comic show (read: no diecast show) for literally about 5 minutes so I stopped in. And wouldn’t you know.


Again, not a big fan of Green Machines but it’s my first one in the wild, save for a Target version with red tires I traded for a Boss 302 $TH.


Speaking of $uper Treasure Hunts, I did hit up a Wal-Mart way back on Nov. 2, my birthday, and found a Velocita $TH. We’ve all probably got one of those so I’ll skip the pic this round and go straight to last night after poker.

Three hits in one night is a good way to start a long week off! Funny that I scored two P case supers from a year apart.


One last bit of funny. About a year and a half ago, I went to the toy show I mentioned earlier and wound up buying this Corvette.

I was thinking about trading it or selling it because it doesn’t really fit into my collection. As I was examining it (checking to see how hard it would be to wheel swap it), something caught my eye.


TBK found that the Green Machine in this series is a different Corvette but then that makes this an error in that paint got dragged onto it. I’m thinking the car that was spun prior to this one was a greenie and paint transferred when this one spun. Whatever it is, it’s pretty cool in my book and I’m counting it!

Anyway, if you’ve made it this far, thanks for looking and happy hunting!