Much to my surprise when I got home Friday night, I had two packages waiting on me. The first I was expecting, my HWEP Cruella De Vil $uper from Continental Drift. It arrived in perfect condition thanks to excellent packing skills. Thanks man!

The second box made itself quite obvious where it was from, but I wasn’t expecting any other HWEPs. That could only mean one thing...

Secret Super!!!!


HOLY COW!!!!!! Thank you BuddyLee34!!!!!

Starting at the top, the Austin is one I havent seen yet, so that’s cool. Love me some classic British roadsters.


The next “Matchbox” turned out to be a Hot Wheels Redline McLaren M6A!!! That’s an excellent surprise! Once I get my workbench cleaned up and new airbrush set up, I’ll be doing a full restoration on this guy.

Then we have the two ZAMACs that never appeared in my area: another McLaren (the P1) and the Dodge Demon! These were nicely shipped in protectors, but I’ve really got an urge to crack them open...


Next to those is the Mijo Exclusive version of Johnny Lightning’s Honda Civic EK hatch! The yellow is a great color choice on this car, and the carbon fiber hood looks awesome too.

And finally, the car that made me go squeal like a school girl meeting their teen pop star idol, the TSM Mini GT McLaren Senna!!!!!!The moment I saw the pre-production preview of this model, I knew I had to have one. I know most people dont really find this car that attractive, but I absolutely love it. Pure race machine to the bone. Everything done for one purpose: speed. No frilly design cues that serve no functional purpose. No fake air scoops. No plastering of badges on every available surface. Just a machine built to go fast. The automotive embodiment of Ayrton Senna. The car is truly a masterpiece. And the diecast version is amazing. All the details are there. The sleek Victory Grey paint, with fitting but subtle Papaya Orange details is an awesome combo. It just looks so much better in person, and I didn’t think that was possible.


Thank you so much BuddyLee34, you really knocked this package out of the park! More detailed pics to come!

And to my Secret Super recipient, I’m just about finished with you box. I’ll be getting it sent out soon!