HWEP: Bond Car Edition

A while ago, Sanjay offered me some model cars from a magazine series covering Bond cars. After a decidedly annoying wait for my final paycheck from my internship between college courses to clear, I agreed. The results are as follows. Yes, they covered Goldfinger twice.


The magazines in question.

Included with the Bond cars were some Hot Wheels mainlines. While I think the Stingray Concept looks great, I find the production C7 to be significantly more attractive...


Since the hostel had a scheduled power outage for the evening, I and some friends decided to go out while waiting for the power to return. I stumbled upon these two at a newsstand at a bus stop/train station. I certainly wasn’t expecting to see the Need for Speed Mustang on the pegs in any form anywhere without a significant markup from retail. As to the New Edge Mustang, well, it’s not the most renowned Mustang generation, but I have a soft spot for it thanks to Midtown Madness 2.

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