Welcome to HWEP car of the day, here I'll be featuring one model that is far too cool to be lumped into a general trade list. Todays feature is a car built by a team of engineers from Cal State University. This car uses solar energy to for power.

It's the SolarEagle III


2006 Ford Crown Victoria Police (common in 5 and 9packs, non fire department livery) -MBX

1993 Ford Mustang LX SSP (California Highway Patrol) - MBX
Dodge Charger Police - MBX
Buick Century Police (anything but the light blue color) - MBX
Ford Fusion Police - HW
City Police - HW
Chevy Impala Police - MBX
City Police - MBX
Ford Interceptor (Common in 9 packs) - MBX
Subaru Impreza Police - MBX
Mad Manga (2015 recolor) - HW
Datsun 620 (2015 recolor) - HW
Cadillac Hearse or Ambulance - MBX
Cadillac Fleetwood - MBX
Cadillac Allante - MBX
Any other JDM or police cars, or even land yachts from the 70s or 80s, I would love to see!