Welcome to HWEP car of the day, here I'll be featuring one model that is far too cool to be lumped into a general trade list. Today I have a real doozie for you guys. A Mercedes Benz CLK-GTR LM.


What I'm looking for:

2006 Ford Crown Victoria Police (common in 5 and 9packs, non fire department livery) -MBX


1993 Ford Mustang LX SSP (California Highway Patrol) - MBX

Dodge Charger Police - MBX

Buick Century Police (anything but the light blue or the white colors) - MBX

Ford Fusion Police - HW

City Police - HW

Chevy Impala Police - MBX

City Police - MBX

Subaru Impreza Police - MBX

Mad Manga (2015 recolor) - HW

Datsun 620 (2015 recolor) - HW

Cadillac Hearse or Ambulance - MBX

Cadillac Fleetwood - MBX

Cadillac Allante - MBX

Hiway Hauler I variations

I'd entertain other JDM or police car offerings if you have something I didn't list!