Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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HWEP Car of the Day: Weekly Roundup Week 2

This was the first full week of HWEP Car of the Day and it saw some trades take place!

I started out the week by featuring this solar powered racer -


Followed it with an elegant Bugatti (this has been traded and is no longer available) -


Followed it up with another Euro classic (this has been traded and is no longer available) -


A very cool Mercedes racing car came next (this is on hold, waiting to hear if Engineerrrr got lucky with any Cadillac hearses/ambulances) -


And Fridays feature was an icon of the 80s -


Don't forget to check out the first week of HWEP Car of the day too! Many models are still available!


What I'm looking for:

2006 Ford Crown Victoria Police (common in 5 and 9packs, non fire department livery) -MBX


1993 Ford Mustang LX SSP (California Highway Patrol) - MBX

Dodge Charger Police - MBX

Buick Century Police (anything but the light blue or the white colors) - MBX

Ford Fusion Police - HW

City Police - HW

Chevy Impala Police - MBX

City Police - MBX

Subaru Impreza Police - MBX

Mad Manga (2015 recolor) - HW

Datsun 620 (2015 recolor) - HW

Cadillac Hearse or Ambulance - MBX

Cadillac Fleetwood - MBX

Cadillac Allante - MBX

Hiway Hauler I variations

07 Chevy Tahoe Police (blue) - HW

I'd entertain other JDM or police car offerings if you have something I didn't list!

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