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HWEP: Ending my Auto World drought with TBK

Of course, I have to start with a Mopar.

It’s a been time since I’ve added any new 1:64 Auto World pieces into my collection, largely due to how they’re not sold in my region. When I was looking to trade away my green machine Hemi Cuda, The Bell King made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.


The trade took place over a few months as our trade list grew, I had a lot of fun throughout the process. Yet I wasn’t completely prepared as I emptied the contents from The Bell King’s box, it was filled to the brim; packed with beautiful selects from Auto World and a generous helping of RAOKs from TBK and Plasticprints. These are the cars I’ve received.

Why have one colour, when you can have all the colours?
I expressed interest in having the Moon Eyes Panel Van loose. TBK delivered. Wow!
I finally have this in my hands. I doubt I’ll be brave enough to crack this open.

Here’re the items I’d never expect to be in the box. I can’t thank you guys enough, here’s to more successful HWEPs in the future. ¡Viva La LaLD!

ROAK Johnny Lightning from TBK. No hood #becauseroadkill.


ROAK from Plasticprints. Look at that Spectraflame paint!
A chase and non-chase pair from TBK! I guess to do things right, they have to be cracked loose and get a proper post.

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