Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

I’m still getting my extras together so I can clear out some stuff that doesn’t fit in with my current collecting needs, blah, blah, blah...
However, the diecast world waits for no man.

So, as I am looking for the McLaren, the zamac Tooned Beetle, and the zamac Porsche, I’d like to ask, now, if someone finds extras of those “from the current offerings” (I’ll explain) on the pegs right now, I’d like to pre-arrange a HWEP or Paypal agreement for those particular cars. Thank you


Explanation...It’s been my experience that when a “new” car is initially released, whether it’s a new color or new model, the first editions, if you will, are so much cleaner and crisper then the millions to come. I like to open the first ones knowing they’re as good as they’re likely going to get. The ones to follow may have signs of the molds getting old, the tampos being misaligned, paint issues; basically, custom fodder.

Thank you, here’s a Mystery Porsche for your time:

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