Part 2 of the yearly HWEP with Alienprobe. The green cars.

I actually remember this Spoiler Sport from my childhood. When we went to visit my grandparents my brother and I stayed in uncle Ronnie’s room. I remember this vehicle along with many questionable things in Ronnie’s room. Uncle Ronnie apparently collected dildos. Really big dildos.

Enough about Ronnie the freak. Let’s get to the rest of the green cars. This White truck is incredibly cool.


Weird in all the right places.

I love how they did a dually with single rims.


The next one... I didn’t know existed. I absolutely love the shape of this.

The slope of the windshield...


This thing has potential.

AP killed it on this round. And we haven’t even finished the box. Nice work AP. BTW the red ones were my faves. That’s why I’m saving them for last.