Big things with little cars

Below are some HWEP spoils (or iHWEP in the case of Jobjoris). I have to thank Jobjoris, MustangFan, Vdubyajohn, and PlasticPrints for these goodies obtained in trades. Captions will tell the tale.

Simca 1000 Rallye 2 by Norev. I was smitten when I first saw this car in a Jobjoris post last year. I’m grateful he sent one my way.
The beautiful Citroen DS by Norev
My European hawl via trade
Peugeot GTI by Norev
1968 Mustang GT in Bullitt trim by Greenlight. Thanks to MustangFan
Technically not a trade. My personal acquisition Hot Wheels Boss 429 equipped Torino. More to come on this beauty later.
RAOK from Vdubyajohn. I had to have this Torino, as I only have Mopars in this vintage Racing Champions line
Johnny Lightning funny car on the right from MustangFan compared to the Hot Wheels effort on the left
JL funny cars from MustangFan
Black box goodies from MustangFan
Shorty card pickups from PlasticPrints!
A chase M2 Machines Charger obtained in a chase-for-chase trade with PlasticPrints

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