Hey guys, welcome to my first HWEP post! I've got some extras to get rid of so I figured I would throw them on here and see if you guys are interested in any of them. I traditionally do a sale format, so the cars will be presented as such and be listed with prices, but I am more than willing to trade as well. A general outline of my wants will be listed at the end of the post.

These cars will be available elsewhere too, but I will do my best to keep the listing updated with what is and what is not available. Items will be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis using the post timestamps from each site to determine who gets what in case of conflict. If a car is reserved at each site in the same minute (highly unlikely), it will go to whichever request I see first.

You must initiate all buys or trades on this page in the comments below. We can move to email to discuss more sensitive information, but we need to keep as much on here as possible so everyone else can get an idea of the availability of the cars. Please include the picture number and each car you want from it in your post.

If you are only buying and we do not trade anything, shipping will be at cost. Otherwise, it's free. I will ship internationally- again, at cost. I prefer to accept a U.S. postal money order, but will also take a mailed check, PayPal (you'll have to add 2.9% to pay the fee last I checked, do not send payment as a gift), or, should you dare, mailed cash.

All prices may be negotiable and close-up pictures are available upon request.

Every boxed in car in this sale has been opened in the past and repackaged as neatly as possible.


Anyway, that wasn't much fun, was it? How about some cars!

Picture 1


Kyosho Aston Martin DB5, James Bond film version (that's the bullet shield popped up in the back. has some other differences from a stock version of the car)- sold
Hot Wheels Peugeot 205 T16 (listed by HW as a "205 Rallye"- sold
Greenlight Mercedes-Benz Sprinter- sold

Picture 2


All cars this picture- $0.50/each
Top row- Racing Champions Ford Thunderbird stock cars
Middle row- Hot Wheels Thunderbird (mystery car), Maisto SVT Raptor
Bottom row- Matchbox Ford rescue truck, Matchbox 1999 Mustang GT (5-pack exclusive) sold, Matchbox 1970 Mustang

Picture 3


All cars this picture- $0.50/each
Top row- Matchbox fantasy castings
Bottom row- Hot Wheels fantasy castings

Picture 4


All cars this picture- $0.50/each
Top row- Maisto Corvette, Hot Wheels Chevelle
Bottom row- Hot Wheels Celica, Hot Wheels Auburn 852 (final run car)

Picture 5


All cars this picture- $0.50/each
Top row- Matchbox E-type, Matchbox Caterham
Middle row- Matchbox BMW E30 cabriolet sold, Hot Wheels BMW E36, Matchbox Diablo
Bottom row- Hot Wheels Porsche 934, Hot Wheels Porsche Panamera, Matchbox 911 GT1

Picture 6


Top row- Matchbox Land Rover Discovery- $2, Maisto Huracan- $1
Middle row- $1/each Matchbox RX-7 (some tampo imperfections but overall in very good shape) sold, Matchbox Austin FX4 London cab (dark red 5-pack exclusive) sold, Playart generic F1 car
Bottom row- $1/each Hot Wheels DB5, Matchbox Beetle (5-pack exclusive) sold, Matchbox Ford Escort sold

Picture 7


Malibu International 1/64., sold

Picture 8


Boxster- $1
Corvette- sold
Bentley- $4
Volvo- $1

Picture 9


1/43 RBA Collectibles Tyrrell P34- sold
1/32 Welly Boxster (dark blue)- $1
~1/55 Hot Wheels Drop Stars Infiniti QX56- $2

Picture 10


Matchbox Skittles Kenworth- $2
1/87 Malibu International Volvo- sold

Picture 11


Matchbox New Superfast Autobahn set- $10

Picture 12


1/18 Maisto Range Rover Sport- $10

Picture 13


All cars this picture FREE with other purchase/trade. Castrol Unimog is playworn.

Any pre-1972 non-fantasy Hot Wheels Redlines that can still roll
Hot Wheels Porsche 917s
Lesney Matchbox suicide door Lincoln Continentals in good shape
Select Muscle Machines imports
Most sports car racing models, including prototypes (LeMans, WTCC, JGTC, etc)
Porsches, Mazdas, Hondas, Acuras, TVRs
Super TH Datsun 510 wagon
Latest yellow Datsun 510 wagon

I am trying to slim down the collection here, so I won't be too terribly excited to do 1 for 1 trades. However, if you've got something a little more valuable that I want, I'll happily send you a ton of less valuable cars for it should you find enough that you want.


Thanks for looking!