Big things with little cars

HWEP: That’s not a diecast edition (diecast inside though)

I have mentioned on more than one occasion, but I think it bears repeating, that this place is the literal best.

I know I haven’t been around LaLD much lately. Life and the RallyMetro has been consuming the bulk of my attention, but I assure you I have been lurking regularly.


Not long before the Gambler 500, I received an email from our very own Alienprobe. He wanted to know if I was interested in taking on a parts car for the RallyMetro. Unfortunately, we live too far apart to make that feasible, but I certainly appreciated the offer.

After the Gambler, I’ve had quite an ordeal getting hubs and wheel bearings and spindles sorted. I’ve since got that sorted good enough for this job (just send it!), but there remained a problem. I was missing one of the caliper mounting bolts. I suspect Thing Two has hidden it somewhere in the bowels of my garage, presumably with her missing snack cup, but nonetheless it remains at large.

My visit to the local Ace Hardware confirmed that it is indeed a 10mm bolt, but it’s a weird thread pitch that didn’t match either of the three choices they had. Fastenall was no help, nor were parts stores or the dealer.

The only place to find this particular bolt, is to get it off another ‘95+ Metro/Swift. None of the junkyards in my area have any of those. If it were going into winter hibernation, no big deal. But the last rallycross of the year is this weekend, AND I NEED MY MEDICINE!


That’s when I remembered the car Alienprobe had. Because he is both a gentleman and a scholar, here is the bolt I need to go racing this weekend.


And a sweet Capri like the one I had as a kid. I think mine was even more beat up than this one


Here’s one of my favorite pictures of the RallyMetro. Giant man, on a tiny car!


Thanks Alienprobe!!

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