Got a box in the mail today from Pixel and it was full of goodies.

Some very nice stuff here! Hot Bird from around 2011 with an opening hood! One of the great castings from the archives of HW that still shows up to this day!

Next is a GreenLight Firebird that is going to a buddy of mine. He’s got a Firechicken 350 from this era and I think he’ll appreciate this.


Next we have an MBX VW-Porsche 914. Why the VW? At the time, Porsche was handling the majority of VW development through a contract. Porsche wanted a replacement for the 912 and VW was looking to replace the Karmann-Ghia with something sportier. And this was that car.


Now, the first car I spotted in Pixel’s post was this Turbo Mustang from the 1983 Hot Ones series. As my name implies, I like Mustangs and this version of the four-eyed 1979 model is one of the best Hot Wheels has done. Despite its larger rear wheels, the proportions are spot on. One of their better Mustang efforts. And it being vintage, like me, it will fit my collection of slightly play worn cars very well!

And finally...


This custom Mustang SSP. Alternate paint color and wheel swap make this Mustang stand out. I’ll probably give it some details but what a heck of a find. Yes, this was a RAOK! Thank you very much, Pixel!! Couldn’t be more stoked about these!