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HWEP With Shop Teacher

A few months ago, Shop-Teacher had this trade bait post up with a bunch of goodies that he tempting folks with. A quick email exchange later, we shook hands virtually for a short card DeLorean *or* a Kaidohouse Z for a 1/72 300 SLR Mille Miligia from me.

And then things went south at my end. While my package was delayed indefinitely, his package reached my sister almost immediately. And he we was nice enough to wait for a few months till my package made its way across the oceans.


When I got to open his box, I was in for a surprise. Shop Teacher had sent me both the Z & the DeLorean. (P.S: Shop Teacher, Dude, my comment on your post says “or”, not “and”. But I ain’t giving anything back! :D)

If that was not worthy enough of a ROAK post in itself, there was more.


Along with those two, there was a loose Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-R “Kenmeri” from the 2015 Redline series. That one deserves a post by itself.


I am overwhelmed, to say the least. Thanks, Shop Teacher! You made my first trade memorable.

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