Big things with little cars

Had a great HWEP with vdubyajohn and lucked out at Target today as well.


First off, the HWEP. This arrived yesterday and has a number of not exactly rare, but not readily available in recent years castings that I’d been wanting, specifically the Thing (because Thing), ‘33 Ford (it’s just an objectively cool casting, and I love the big Goodyear tires on it), and Metrorail (a drag Nash Metropolitan appeals to my sense of the ridiculous). I didn’t even know the Magnum wagon was a thing until I was going through vdubyajohn’s trade page, but obviously I needed it, because (Woodie) wagon. The blue and white Willyses are for my HW livery collection. I’ve already got a couple Woodies, but that one caught my eye due to the two-color wood, which is pretty cool and different from what I have. The orange Willys and chrome car (I always want to call it R2-D2, but I think it’s RD-08?) were extras goodies that he threw in.

All in all, an excellent selection of varied casts, and I’m very pleased with the HWEP. Thanks!

I had a close-up of my Target hawl, but I’m getting Kinja’d here. You can see it all in the top pic anyway.

Real talk, guys: all of the new premium stuff at Target is killing my wallet. I’d already passed on the Batmobile once at my primary Target (was really hoping for the ‘60's Batmobile), and then they were gone when I went back. But I was at my secondary Target today, and there they were, so I got one. Then there was the Star Trek cars. When it comes to the Pop Culture stuff, it either works for me, or it doesn’t. In this case, Chevelle + George Takei works for me. Then they had the JL Rebel Machine, which was the one new JL that I really wanted from the get-go (although I’m glad to have the Chevelle Malibu). So at that point I hardly dared look at the M2 and AW. Fortunately, it was all stuff that didn’t interest me or that I already had. However, I did find both the Greenwood ‘Vette that I was looking for, and the Carrera that I wasn’t looking for, but couldn’t leave there. It’s a nice casting with excellent deco.


So yeah. Good hawl, and it was just good that I had a little birthday money.

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