Big things with little cars

Edit: Pictures got kinja’d...

Had to go buy a padded mailer at Target and decided to do some hunting. My Target has yielded probably 2 instances in the last 3 years of me finding anything good, so I wasn’t hopeful. Boy was I wrong. Granted it wasn’t anything magical, more like it actually had a recent case, but that’s a miracle for my target haha. I also stopped by the local TRU to see if the Forza set was out yet and found some good stuff too.

Picked up some things!


That R30 is excellent... also I have quite a few vipers in my collection so had to get the new white/blue RT/10. Kaido House Datsun Z had some more pics of it show up from SEMA so I had to have it. The rally Datsun is truly epic, and I was so happy to find the Renault R5 Turbo... so excellent.

Picked up some extra stuff for HWEP’s! Found a full Modern Classics set if anyone’s still looking for it.


There were so many F1 GTR’s ... decided to leave most for the kids.

Finally... Mad Max Ford Falcon... OMG!!! My TRU has so much epic stuff from Greenlight. Was hard to pass on the Matrix Continental they had as well as the new VW Bus Haulers...


Anyways, if anything in the trade pile interests you I am currently looking for:

Blue R33

Gold Gas Monkey Garage ‘68 Vette

White Porsche 934 RSR

Honda City Turbo

Surf ‘n Turf

New Forza set

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