So we’ll kick this off with K-Day. We had 32 cases and enough people to go three rounds. I only heard of one $uper being found and did not hear if any regulars although that doesn’t mean there weren’t any. It was just that nobody cared to ask. I was called first in the second round and got to get what I wanted.

I’ll go back for the rest to get my mail-in requisites. But I did manage to score the poster so that was cool. A few minor scalpers there trying to get as many as they could. But again, our Kmart plays by rules very well and they draw for the posters, too.

Up next are a couple of HWEPs that have really turned into an ongoing three-way between, The Bell King, Plasticprints (II), and myself. First up is the package I received from TBK.

That is some Mustang goodness right there. Acapulco Blue 69 Boss 302, a couple of awesome 67 Coupes and a 1 of 1000 Shelby GT350! He also managed to find a replacement AW Boss 302 for me since I chipped the paint on mine. But the highlight has got to be the George Follmer Vintage Racing Boss Mustang! It is beyond excellent! Grail piece! Thank you TBK for this great package!


Next is my HWEP package from Plasticprints. This includes a grail piece as well. But it’s one I never truly thought I would own.

As you can see, this picture is also dripping with awesome. The Gulf Mustang, the 100% Shelby Cobra, Zamac Batmobile, Camo Stang, $uper Driftsta, and that incredible Custom Tooned Mustang he made recently! That thing looks even better in person, btw. But, right up in that left corner. Do you see it? Right over there.


Gaaaaaaaahhh!!! So Plasticprints worked a deal out where I sent my Target edition GreenLight Green Machine Jeep in trade for this. I’m beyond happy. The other party is very happy as well, from what I understand. Thank you, Plasticprints for making the custom and for making this package happen!

Next up is a quick hawl from today.


Self-explanatory. $4.00 for the three. Awesome sauce.

Next was a purchase I made from a former co-worker today before K-Day.


Pony Wars I! I had originally bought II from him about 15 months ago and was going to buy I from him later. Subsequent Craigslist ads seemed to indicate he had sold it already. New ad showed he still had it so I promptly texted him and now I own it. As a reminder, here’s the whole T/A family (as far as I’ve gotten anyway).

The blister on the Follmer Mustang was cracked so this one had to DLM.

And finally, my eBay hawl. I have talked about 50 years of Mustang, blah blah blah, but I literally bought 5 generations of Mustangs in one big lot.


First Generation


Second Generation

Mustang II

Third Generation


Fourth Generation

Fifth Generation


Not all perfect, but all GL, JL, M2 or Shelby Collectibles. 24 premiums for $40 shipped!

I apologize for the long post but there was a lot to get to. Thanks for looking. Enjoy your weekend everybody!