A long overdue post, looonnnggg overdue. I have had an assortment of HWEPs in the last couple of months that I kept putting off photographing & posting. I’ve even posted about not posting.
Some of these HWEPs are so old, I had to search back through emails to narrow them down, and then search through the boxes in my basement so I could take the photos. (I’m still waiting on the oldest unresolved HWEP, some guy named Noah was going to send me 2 of everything...)
I’m going to do my best to get everything correct, but I’ve misplaced a couple of the castings I received, so if I get it wrong, feel free to yell at me in the comments and I’ll make the necessary corrections.
Also, to save space and time, I left out other cars on purpose. We all know what the black Outlaw looks like, for instance, and i only included a shot of silver Outlaws because they were my first silver Outlaws. So, let’s begin, shall we?
In no particular order...

In a very successful HWEP with AlienProbe, I received some Outlaws for my customs work, a black Carrera I could never find, a Maisto 356 Coupe, and, a Husky Police VW Beetle that is now a centerpiece in my collection. This Bug is BEAUTIFUL! When I get around to making a display for my VW toys, this one will be front and center! Thanks AlienProbe!!

I traded Androo for this green Greenlight VW Westfalia camper, and received 3 RAOK VWs at the same time. A carded MBX Concept 1, a MBX Type II Bus, and the HWs Beetle Cup racer in silver. Thanks Androo!!


When Fintail posted that he turned down a HWs Ninja at a toy show because of the price, I knew I could get him one from walmart at no markup. In return, I received 3 Matchbox castings I had never seen before (the Beemer glows in the dark!), and a Barclays slush cast sedan in red that I have been trying to find for years. It’s part of a set, several cars on a transporter, that I have unsuccessfully bid on numerous times, yet failed to acquire each time. Usually because it was the complete set, which is rare. I never bid on the individual pieces because I wanted the complete set. Now I can go after the cars, cab, and trailer one by one, and be a happy camper in the hunt & when it’s complete! Thanks Fintail!!

You may remember that Fintail also posted a nice selection of cars he had picked up at an estate sale. I was lucky enough to be able to obtain several VWs from that collection, especially lucky to get a Dinky Karmann Ghia I had also been after for years, but also on which I had always been outbid...


Now I have that elusive Ghia, an older Dinky oval window Beetle, a Corgi Police Beetle with working steering via the blue light on top, and one more Dinky Beetle with all the opening features.
I must note that the Ghia arrived with black tires. I found a guy in England selling replacement white Dinky “tyres” on ebay, both the treaded and smooth varieties, so I bought a set of each. The smoothies win, and I’ll be ordering sets for the other 2 Dinkys as well. Thanks again Fintail!!

I’m pretty sure I’ve had two HWEPs with Plasticprints that have gone unreported until now, but I can only find the emails for one. I received my first silver Outlaws (!), and this yellow/orange Datsun Bluebird 510 wagon, a color I have still never seen in the wild. Thanks Plasticprints!! (If you can remind me if I missed on a second HWEP, I’ll be sure to post it...)


Sal was looking for that MBX Zamboni, and I found one in walmart, the only Zamboni I’ve seen, before or since. In return, I received the red Escort, and a RAOK MBX Jeep. Thanks Sal!!


I have been looking for the 7 spoke version of the Pearl Drivers VW Bug for what seems like decades. Wait, it HAS been decades! I can stop now, as I received this excellent example from Tfritch in our HWEP, and he sent along the RAOK retro VW SP2, just to sweeten the pot! Thanks Tfritch!!

Now, I’m positive I’m forgetting some cars I’ve received, so please let me know in the comments, or email me, and I’ll get everything taken care of and proper credit doled out appropriately in another post.

Thanks again everyone!!