Hey LaLD, I am back with 4 ā€˜customsā€™ of 4 hyper cars: Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Porsche 918, and the Veneno. Or the Holy Trinity + Veneno haha.

While not true customs, because in reality I am just detailing (and doing a shitty job at that), but I figured I can hone my skills. I have a tendency to shake, so a lot of my lines are not crisp. And I donā€™t prepare at all, I donā€™t mask or anything because that takes work... And I donā€™t know how to keep the tape straight tbh.

These were the 4 first cars I learned to do wheel swaps. I am not particularly good, as I broke tabs on several.

Iā€™ll take a proper photo shoot later, but I wanted to get some feedback on these.