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I was disappointed by the lack of LeMans posts

Foreword: I know I’m late for LeMans, but I’m in the middle of moving 4 states. During LeMans, this car was 5 hr away in a box. Also, my previous photo setup (basically light + driveway at night) is no longer an option. So be prepared for some way subpar pictures


I’ve had this car several months now, and it’s been sitting and collecting dust. In fact, part of the reason I haven’t been posting anything is because of college. I haven’t had time or money to really pursue model cars, which has been torturous at times (Hotwheels RWB, I’m looking at you). This was my Xmas gift to myself, and pretty much the only thing I was able to buy the entire school year. And I left this car at home, but when I was home I was so busy I didn’t have time to properly photograph her.

Plus, my short ownership of this car has been full of issues. When trying to take initial photos of it, I broke an antenna off. I lightly put some tape on it to protect the paint from glue, while trying to replace the antenna with what is essentially a hot wheels axle. When I removed the tape, some paint came up with it.

And At some point a door latch for the driver side has come off. However it’s all small stuff, and I got a decent color match. If nobody’s looking to close, it looks perfectly fine.


Suffice to say, I dramatically underestimated how damn fragile this thing is. It spent the entire 5 hr drive to my new apartment on my lap, just to ensure it was safe.


Anyway, this is a Spark 1:18 2011 Audi R18, the winning car from 2011. This is my all time favorite race car. The Truth in 24hrs II movie, which was about the 2011 race, is what made me love LeMans.


Despite all my issues with the car, Spark continues to be my favorite model car manufacturer. I plan on eventually buying another one, god willing I have the money to afford it.

I’ll be positing a bit more often, but don’t expect much because I’m still flat broke sadly.


Also, does anyone have advice for how to clean a car like this? I’m so scared of breaking it more, then I pretty much refuse to touch it at all costs. But I hate looking at a dirty model car.

Edit: I also actually found the missing Antenna in the box (yay!). Does anyone have any advice on how to fix it to the car? I’ve tried superglue, but that didn’t work.

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