I am speed

Lame Pixar movie quote (courtesy of Lightning McQueen), but exactly what I thought when I looked at this streamliner. I am not gonna lie, the gold just makes it more awesome to me (and slightly more rare at 1 of 7000). The fact that it fits so well with the STH van makes it that much cooler. I lke to think of the van as the mobile command center/support team that tows it to the salt flats. Downside, it is too big (long) to fit in my display case but I also don’t want to leave it in the display it came in...so it will just hang out with some of my toy fair models which it certainly stands up to in the level of detail. First world problems ahaha.


So I have been reading about this car all evening. Turns out it was actually a dragster designed for the quarter mile. The mooneyes livery was actually applied later in life and really only for promotional purposes. Really cool to find out more about the car and the builder. A great article/pdf for those interested:

Look at the pinstriping/canopy for the pilot/air intakes
How many exhausts does your car have?
Love the tube frame, sorta reminds me of an ariel atom.
You gotta have a good team behind you to break records. Love the moon discs on the STH. 3 gold variations in one pic...I might be onto something.

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