Big things with little cars

In this case, ‘this’ is a vintage AMT 1/25 scale kit of Bigfoot the monster truck.

When I was a kid, Bigfoot was pretty much my entire life. Like yeah, I liked cars and stuff too, but Bigfoot was Duke of New York, A number 1. And my dad built me this kit when I was...I almost just said too young to appreciate it, but I did appreciate it, and I played with it, and it was basically my favorite toy ever. So now, as an adult with a kid of my own on the way, I feel it’s my duty to revisit my childhood by building a Bigfoot model kit.


And that won’t be the only one, oh no. I just picked up another AMT kit, a ‘78 Ford pickup truck, which is going to be converted to a replica of Bigfoot 1 before it got the monster truck trademark flotation tires. And after that, there’s a tube frame Bigfoot model kit available...there’s going to be a fleet of Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) in my upcoming 1/24 diorama, and it’s going to be fantastic.

The kit should be here tomorrow, and though I’m about 1/3 of the way through a ‘66 Fairlane 427 kit right now, that might have to go on hiatus while I assemble Bigfoot. That or I’ll work on the Bigfoot kit very slowly while working on other kits, get it perfect. Gonna be a good one though.

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