The best part? I did it for only $20.

The day before I placed the order on the 991 from the other day, I placed an order for a new 1/43 Minichamps Porsche Macan Turbo I found with its wing mirrors detached.

For $20 with shipping, I bought it in the hopes I could fix it. I’ve never done anything of the sort. My 991 was my first high end scale model.


When it arrived today, it was perfect. The mirrors were placed in a small separate ziploc back by the seller. Thankfully, they weren’t broken.

I used some blue painters tape to surround the holes so the krazy glue wouldn’t ruin the paint.


A few minutes later to install and another half hour to dry just to be safe, I had a new Macan Turbo ready to be displayed on my desk next to my 991.

My local Porsche dealership actually has it at $50 or so, which is more than twice what I paid for the car, shipping, and even the materials.