I finally found the Range Rover variant you can buy for a bargain, and actually have a chance of making money on your investment!

It was just another Saturday Home Depot run when my girlfriend Sydney and I noticed the Dutchess County Flea Market... or whatever it’s called... had sprawled out well beyond its normal confines of about ten parking spaces in the lot.

We sniffed around the wares of local folks playing gypsy, she found some sparklie dress she liked and I found two toy Range Rovers. Obviously I didn’t have any money, so I pulled on her sleeve until she leant me two bucks.

I sprinted back to the table I’d seen the little truck, she rolled her eyes and returned the potential halloween-dress to the rack.


A smiling lady behind the die-cast cars made a sweeping motion over the pile I was ravenously sifting through; “two for a dollar!” I repressed an evil grin, having come over fully prepared to pay two dollars for one car. It’s probably pretty clear I was once a pro-fessional car-buying negotiator.

“Oh look at that, you can have four!” said Sydney. Is this chick a keeper or what?

Anyway I’d already tunnel-visioned in on this green Range Rover; a cool first-gen two-door I’d never seen a die-cast of. I wasn’t familiar with the brand “Siku” but the “MADE IN W. GERMANY” stamp confirmed it was both old and European-made, which meant it would be most welcome in my collection.


Opening doors are always cool, and from the rack and trailer hitch I’d say this was once part of a bigger set. Not much to the interior detail, and it’s odd scale too... slightly larger than your standard Hot Wheels but not quite the semi-popular “1:43” size.

Most serendipitously there was another two-door elemental Range Rover in the pile. A little dingy but near-mint condition, I rolled it over and made a face like Homer Simpson at the donut shop when I saw “MADE IN ENGLAND 1975” in the stamp. Oh yeah, come to papa.


I got them home and paused the weekend’s motorcycle project to take a few photos of my new treasures for y’all. Pretty neat, huh?

The Police model is a Lesney Matchbox, apparently part of a “Rolamatics” line which I figured out means “does something when you roll it.”


See how the little cop light “flashes” as the rear wheels spin that little piece of plastic? Come on look close. How cool’s that!

A friend has speculated that the cop Rover is worth “about $50 in boxed condition.” While this one’s obviously going to get played with on my desk every day ‘til I get another toy truck, I think it’ll appreciate considerably quicker than a real-life Ranger. Plus it’s easier to park.



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