Big things with little cars

I did not buy any of the Renault

Because I’m counting on them being pretty common. These two, though, are not. Especially the McLaren.

What I think is happening is that the Evo X and the R34 are gone, definitely first priority, and that these two are the next in line. A few dapper blokes went looking for the F1 GTR. That’s when I ran to the cashier, paid, and bolted.


But things took a turn for the worst.

After the score of the century I went to the bookstore to try and find a new paint marker. While trying out some pens, I plopped the bag down on the desk. Big mistake. When I took the pens back I realized my left hand had no paper bag to hold, and for the greater part of an hour I acted like a bee looking for a flower in a ditch. Not a good sign. Fortunately the guard managed to retrieve it and give it back to me. I thank him for averting a monumental disaster.

Eventually I want to shoot these two for an Inspection Room feature. For now, marvel. 

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