Please excuse the crappy photos...

I have more than enough loose cars to fill them, but am at something of an impasse on what to fill them with. The contents have already changed a little since I took the pics.

The first case has alternating rows. The first row is all JDM with Datsuns and Skylines. The Second row has all Euro manufactured cars, with Lambos, Ferraris, and Porsches. The Third row is more random with a mix of all three. And yes things in this case have been moved around since the photo...


The second case started out as all wagons, but I ran out of wagons before I ran out of space. I have two more ‘55 Nomads coming for two of the spaces, but I filled in others with some sports cars I like.

The third case has mostly random stuff, starting with anything I had open with Spectraflame paint.


The cases themselves came from an ebay seller who makes them himself from wood.