To turn back time! To fix a casting that shouldn’t have ever been altered in the first place! The Turismo aka DeLorean concept vehicle.

With the first cut and heavy sanding (boy I wish I had a belt sander) the nose of the turismo takes shape to how it should have looked!

Amazing what some cutting and sanding can do to drastically change the look of a car.


The Turismo was going to be the DeLorean concept car with a verbal agreement from John DeLorean Mattel went and made concept sketches a wooden prototype, the casting tooling and even made a prototype of the car.

Some how Zee toys/Zylmex was able to get DeLorean to sign a contract with them giving them exclusive rights to the now production model DeLorean so Mattel not wanting to abandoned the tooling they already had went back and made changes to the body to mask it as a different car. The base and interior didn’t change and still have characteristics of the DeLorean. Even on some of the casting you can still see a faint hint of the side windows that were covered up in the re-tooling which I will try’s to open up when the time comes don’t wanna do it now and risk bending them as i work on the tail lights.


Here is the original concept DeLorean as it neared the finale look