After a... non-smooth transition into college, I finally got to setting up and hanging up my diecast display.

And not 5 min after finally getting all the cars in place, it all came crashing down. I got a nice picture before it crashed.

Every single one of my autoworld display case is trashed. Every. Single. One. And now that I no longer have a job, I can’t afford to replace them. I don’t know what I’ll do... right now they’re back in the regular case I brought just to travel with.

Not to mention 8 of my customs got damaged- 3 of which are *ahem* were, some of my nicest cars.


The saddest car to get damaged was my good ole “Lucille”- my favorite 356 outlaw.


This was not only my first outlaw custom, but also the first car I modified the ZAMAC, eventually used decals on. For a LONG time this was my favorite custom. (Also was lining up to be in Rennsport Reunion Week)

the next casualty is a minor one- but devastating. This is a Mercedes GT I airbrushed in a custom blend of green- I never showed it off here, but it was supposed to be my green car for Car Week 2018. Since it’s a custom blend that has long been gone- there is no chance of being able to touch it up. It will have to be stripped and resprayed.


Next up is this Datsun 510 that suffered some minor chipping- first car I ever did stripes on with masking tape. Luckily I should have the spray around somewhere so it should be salvageable.


Another car that never saw the light around here- a very pretty orange Laurel that I did RIGHT after JH2 came out.

Also the BMW E30 I did to match Nate13s E30 also recieved a minor blemish.


Luckily, my VDH Customs Porsche 356 that I received for secret super last year which had an honorary seat (only custom not done by me) in the case was completely Undamaged. Says something about the quality of Philiphilips work vs my own haha.

Also lucky- my “Big 2”- AKA the 2 MOST important cars to me, my Blue Koenigsegg and Rothmans Porsche 962 both survived with no damage.

But while I thank the diecast gods that those 2 were not damaged, this was not the way I wanted to end a... let’s say, turbulent first week of college.