I have a problem

Hi everybody!

I have a bit of a problem, as some of you know I am working in China and I am also collecting here but now I have to get about 200 casts home. I have two ideas on how to get these home to Canada one is to send many small packages which would be expensive and time consuming. The other idea that I have is to put the cars in my suit cases. If I do this I think I would declare them, even though I would be under the cost of gifts to bring in. It just seems like a more proactive way of doing things. I am also thinking I would lose the cards then less of a chance to get accused of me trying to resell them. I am not sure how I will get back home weather I will through the U.S. or direct to Canada. I live in a smaller city and would have to take a shuttle bus from Toronto to my city or do the same from Detroit. Here are photos of my China collection:


Has anyone tried to do something like this? Any ideas and suggestions would be much appreciated.

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