Or not. A couple of killer hawls came in today!

The Tomica Fiat and Corgi VWs are from Fintail (thanks!), and the 1/43s are all Le Mans cars that I pretty much stole, which you’ll see soon enough.

I don’t usually binge on model cars, but the eBay hawl was all from the same seller and the deals were properly insane. Less than half the going rate on all 4, if not better. I threw bids at them early, not expecting them to stick, and got lucky. Two of them went up slightly at the end, and still ended under half price. When in Rome combining shipping...

Fintail’s stuff fits perfectly with my tastes as well, as the Fiat joins 3 others from different brands, and the VWs, well, I’m a sucker for toy VWs, especially cool old ones. Love ‘em.