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I Love The Smell of Fresh Cases At Lunch Time

In my effort to track down a Ford GT $uper Treasure Hunt (the one I’ve been looking forward to all year), I stopped by the Toys R Us near my office. I don’t typically go in here because they almost never re-stock. Lo and behold, the entire die-cast aisle was chock full of stuff. Not an empty peg in sight, so I began looking. To my quick disappointment, everything was old J case, and someone had already snagged all the THs and $THs if there were any. A nice TRU employee happened to walk by and asked if I needed help with anything. I somewhat jokingly asked if they had any new cases in the back. She pulled out her little scanner thing and scanned the HW mainline barcode and informed me they had 3 boxes in the back and she’d go grab them for me! WHAT?! My excitement level jumped.

She quickly returns with the first box. It’s N case!!!! I dig in. Going through the first layer, I find the new Bone Shaker and Howlin’ Heat TH. That means the Ford GTs are in the bottom layer. Pulse increases as I lift the paper separating the two layers in the case...


I can see them. Is the bottom one darker?!?!?! Or is it just the shadows?!?!?!!?!

DANGIT!!!!! It was just shadows. Ugh. Oh well. I rarely get a crack at a fresh case. And the time that a do, it doesn’t have a $uper in it. That’s okay though, she said there were three boxes right? Well, let’s see that the other two are.


J case? Ok. Well, a little bit behind, just like the pegs. But no big deal right? Those have the Batmobile $uper! But as I dug through both of the cases, neither one had a $uper. Heck, they only had one Batmobile mainline apiece. I did manage to grab the Let’s Go TH that I forgot to grab with the last J cases I found a month or two ago.


All in all, not a bad HAWL. I mean, I got three regular THs, so I can’t really complain. But I REALLY want to find that Ford GT $uper. The hunt continues....


Thanks for looking! Sorry for all the suspense with a poor conclusion. Just call me M. Night Shamalamdingdong, or whatever his name is. You know who I mean.

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