Big things with little cars

I made a thing!

Been a long time since I made a custom. I decided to take Matchbox’s SLR Mercedes-McLaren and make a 722 roadster. The 722 is referring to the racord setting SLR driven by Stirling Moss at hte Mille Miglia in 1955.

The 722 made more power, had lighter wheels, and adjusted suspension compared to the standard SLR. I think it looked better too, with it’s cooler headlights and taillights as well as a nice front splitter. Since I’m not great at this, the front splitter was not created.

Also I eventually need to invest in an airbrush. These clear lacquer spray cans just really don’t have good quality.


I started out by polishing the car down to a nice reflective finish that would help with the black clear lacquer. Also it turns out, making this a convertible was quite easy. Everything goes back into place rather nicely once you’ve chopped out what you need to. Anyways, the result!


 I didn’t go crazy with the interior, the SLR in real life had a fairly boring looking interior that was black with aluminum accents, so here we are. I wish I had better wheels, but these are still decent choices.


There we are! I’m in the groove again for customs, so time for me to finish some that have been sitting for many many years...


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