Hello LaLD residents! This is my first post on here (but most of you have already seen me around on Oppo I suppose). For the third year running I decided to try and recreate the latest F1 cars in Lego form!

I’m pretty happy with how things went this time, I think they’re a massive improvement on what I did for last year. Of course the Halo was a bit of a challenge, but I think I’ve come up with a pretty satisfying solution - after a lot of trial and error it has to be said.

I miss the sharkfins, I think they helped differentiate the rear of the cars more. As it is, most of the work had to be done around the sidepods area, and the teams haven’t made that easy for me with a lot of little elements. That’s part of the fun though!

I’ll be posting instructions on my Drivetribe page later this week, if any of you want to build these. Some of them will have to be slightly modified so that you can purchase the parts, but not much I think.


I also take this opportunity to announce that I’ll be doing a weekly Lego series on cars from Formula 1 history, starting from the first Grand Prix’s week, a month from now. And you can vote between four cars to decide which I should build first:

This is the second time I’m doing these historic F1 cars, and you can find my previous series on Drivetribe.


So thanks for having me on that sweet corner of the internet, and see you then!