Big things with little cars

I May Have Underestimated the Number of Cars...

This was after the ones in the front seat were already brought inside, about 150-200 cars not even shown.
I think I have more Ferraris and BMWs than anything else, with Porsches running a close third. I received more McDonalds cars than I would have preferred, but I can unload them at the indoor-outdoor flea mart.
Two different sellers offered me a great price on their entire stocks of diecast, just to be done with them. I just kept bringing boxes and cases back to the car hiding them under the sleeping bag, and going back for more. Oh, and that’s a SIX gallon pail, not 5...


EDIT: Almost forgot to ask; is this the same vehicle from the recent Camaro series, just packaged in the typical HWs Card?


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