Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

I’m trying to write up a post but I’m short a few pictures that I cannot provide directly in the immediate future. So I’m looking to see if any of you have any or could take any pictures that I can borrow for the post.

Here’s what I need:

A Ford Model T (I prefer close to stock as opposed to hot rod for this one)
A Gulf Oil liveried Ford GT40 and/or Porsche 917K (very specific on this as I have GT40s and 917s, just not Gulf)
An Audi (preferably not concept. The more recognizable, the better)
A Kubelwagen (not a Type 181 Thing, but a Kubelwagen Type 82)

I don’t want Google images of these cars. I can do that myself. I’m looking for member contributions that I can use freely in my post. I will give credit to the image provider in the post as well. I’m hoping it’s an interesting one that everyone will enjoy reading.
Thanks in advance!



Awesome responses so far. I still need the following:

Gulf Porsche 917K

Gulf GT40 in diecast


Thanks again!

*Update 2*

Thank you all so much for the great responses and wonderful pictures to use. I guess this post will have to be extra super special then! :)
I am still in need of two things:

Gulf Porsche 917K (diecast)
I will also take the KG Salzburg #23 car in diecast or the Martini Racing #22 car in diecast.

Gulf Ford GT40 (diecast)

I would like to keep as much diecast in the post as possible, but will be including at least a few 1:1 pictures because they are too awesome to not include. I’m hoping to have the post ready to go by Sunday at the latest. Thanks again!


A Camaro for your troubles!

Illustration for article titled I need LaLD’s help *Update* *Update 2*

No I haven’t turned to the dark side (my Star Wars joke for yesterday)

Thanks for looking!


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