Big things with little cars

I think that this is the greatest Ferrari Friday in LaLD history...

Because you are seeing a Ferrari F40 that you can build and hoon. Yep, for a shockingly low price of $90, this F40 is all yours.

BEHOLD!!! Ferrari’s greatest hit, now in 100% reusable LEGO form.


And did I mention that it’s got REVOLVERS FOR EXHAUST MANIFOLDS?!

Opening parts open, of course. Note the new windscreen element, as well as the new rims, which is a separate part.


Glorious, isn’t it? They even did the engine cover well. +1.


Haters have no power here. Because the F40 is more powerful than you.


I’m already foreseeing loads of neat techniques in building DAT ASS.


This model is coming to stores on August 1, but if you have a LEGO VIP account you can score a huge discount come double-points season. $70 for that piece of magnificence?

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