...endorse very many products but I just had to share this, this stuff is just too amazing. Three words: Molotow Liquid Chrome. Not only does this stuff self level but it comes in a 1mm and 2mm tip size. I kid you not, I can see a nice blurry reflection but it’s still a reflection... out of a pen! If you need polished aluminum or chrome look on one of your customs this takes the cake! This stuff is pricey buy it’s the real deal. Now back to our regularly scheduled die casting.

Fuchs centers painted for illustration. Molotow chrome left, Sharpie silver right:

As you can see on the left light is being reflected and on the right light is being absorbed.

I bought mine through an art supply store online on sale and it worked out to be just under $15 shipped for 1 pen and about $25 for 2 pens. Not cheap but man am I impressed!