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I want my Honda City ( MTV)

That aint workin’ that’s the way you do it! You ride the mini bike on MTV. Whats that? Hawaiian noises? Oh wait that’s just the engine on my 1980s Honda City...


Alright I will stop quoting Dire Straits, now let’s talk about this Honda City! My dad got this back in the 1980s in Japan and he has no idea why he got it. To my knowledge this is the only JDM car in my dads collection. Oooohho and it makes me wonder... Back to the model, it is made by Tomica in Japan and it’s in  1/45th scale. 

Everything opens up and as you seen in previous photos it came with a tiny mini bike to put in the trunk. I only wish the bike had more painted details, that’s my only complaint.


A look inside shows a lot of potential to be customized with adding in more color in the seats and dash. However, since this one is my dad’s I will wait until I find another one to do that with.


Just look at that face! They don’t make happy looking cars anymore today. They are all angry faces today... oh times they are a’ changing.


This was a fun post! See you guys next time! As aways you can follow me on Instagram @hotrod_crazy

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