Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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I Wanted to Wait Until 9:59, But I'm Tired...

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The sampler, comes with soup or salad.
From the left, Maisto, Maisto for the Road & Track 5 pack, MBX, and in the front, clearly the better detailed one out there, a Motormax.
Wing status is weird, the 1st Maisto has blocked off/closed wing, 2nd, R&T one has an open wing, MBX has one like a cement wall, but the Motormax has an open wing that is the thinnest of all (both) of the versions with that detail.
Motormax details include headlight tampos (but no taillights), Porsche badge on hood, detailed air intake, side vents are an attempt but at least they are the right shaped attempt.
This could be a much nicer diecast with a small amount of detailing...
and wheels, it needs better kicks.


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