Hello! Enginerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr suggested in a thread on Jalopnik that I head over to this community; I ‘thought’ I was a diecast enthusiast ‘til I saw what this community has to offer. I’m already scheming about my next purchases and hunts for subject models based on the posts i’ve read.

A brief background: i’m an automotive engineer in the Detroit area with some interest in photography, and because i’m too introverted to make friends with people with actual cool cars, and too poor to do legitimate photoshoot with said cool cars, i’ve turned to Hot Wheels to scratch the automotive photo itch.

From that, i’ve found that I really, REALLY enjoy macro photography in a mini-studio — it’s a challenge to develop the lighting and composition I might need to match whatever’s in my head.

So, I would love to show off some of my stuff! Hopefully you all like it.


Equipment-wise for these, I shoot with a Canon 6D Mk1, paired with a Canon 100mm f/2.8 non-IS macro lens, a Manfrotto tripod, and a remote trigger.


Lighting comes from a basic 1960's fluorescent office lamp augmented with a homemade softbox (Amazon-boxes and parchment paper) and bounce fill cards as-needed.

Backdrops are a black acrylic sheet from McMaster-Carr and some colored foam sheets from Michael’s. I really like the reflection effect that setup gives; the acrylic provides a naturally contrasty reflection and a fairly true color reflection of the backdrop sheet.