Big things with little cars

I also found this:


Frankly I’m only after the FXX-K Evos in the hauler (though I reckon the trailer might work if you can mod it for realism and have it connect to a lorry). I’ve seen the individual ones in real life, and they’re...not too great for the price. I might kick it with the F40 Competizione because there aren’t a lot of F40 Comp models at palm-size scales, but that’s Php140. For Php20 less I can get a Hot Wheels, for about Php60 more I can get a Majorette, and both of them are patently better than Bburago’s toys.

These don’t look encouraging either (they’re bigger than 1:64 despite saying 3-inch), but they do have the F40 Comp, F12tdf and 488 Pista, so...

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