So I went to Walmart to buy some shorts for around the house. And I had to stop by the car aisle like always. I found a M2 Econoline that was actually all in one piece. But unfortunately, no matter what I did when I got home. I couldnā€™t get the screws out from the bottom. I tried almost everything. I just didnā€™t have the patience to continue. I really didnā€™t want to damage it. Definitely not on the first day of ownership. So I will have to take good photos of it down the road. I just snapped a few to show how cool it is.

Its pretty awesome! The Tampoā€™s are pretty era correct.

Every time I have come across the Econoline casting, they were in rough shape. Either missing tireā€™s, or one of the bumpers were off lose in the box. So this was cool to grab clean.

Even the bumpers were straight!


Hopefully M2 will produce more Desoto stuff also. Thatā€™s the unique kinda stuff that made me pay attention to them at first. Thatā€™s why I like this van and the Studebaker truck I got a few months back. Itā€™s just territory that most diecast companyā€™s wouldnt even think about going into. I Just wish they had a little bit of quality control.

Walmart restocked, but they only had a few things I wanted.


I got another Integra to Dlm and I finally found a leap year Chevelle. So I took them and my shorts and got the heck out of there. If you spend to much time in Wal Mart ...things get kinda weird.

Thanks for the look!