Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Idea - One Car Collection

It's probably kind of a dumbass idea, but I've been thinking about how I've been collecting lately, and about maybe making it even more unecessarily complex, and I think from now on I'll choose one single model to represent a given car and stick with it, reviewing my findings as I go. For example, let's say 5 companies offer models of the 1969 Nova (I wish...) Instead of buying all variations of all models, as I used to do, or buy at least one from each, as I'm currently doing, I'll look for the model that better fits the overall detail/finish/scale/proportions level of my collection, based on a specific centerpiece.

Ideally, I'd do this in 2 levels, a basic level, if only to use Matchbox's fantastic 71 Firebird Formula as a centerpiece:

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And a Premium level, which is the current focus of my collection, even though I've yet to find a good centerpiece for it.

The goal is very simple, collect at least one example of every single model that "fits" the respective styles of each collection, regardless of what the model actually is, if only to see how far you can go and what models are available in each range. Found a Prius that looks like it came out of the same forge as your favorite Miata centerpiece? Get it! Of course, since the idea is to avoid buying too much too fast indiscriminately, models will actually be chosen beforehand, so that Prius made by Kyosho will have to wait until the 1970 Impala made by Auto World is in the collection, the Porsche 911S by TLV is on the way, the Alfa Romeo 8C by Kyosho is waiting at the nearby model shop and, look, here comes another release from Auto World full of Muscle Cars that will be added before the Prius. Got it? Ok, good, because I have a few pending cars to review, and I'll be reviewing them by this "system" on the Freestyle reviews.

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