Big things with little cars

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

If you were a 90's kid gearhead like me, you likely went through a monster truck phase too. Sunday mornings were occupied by ESPN or TNT televised events where lifted pickups with huge tires would crush cars, sling mud, and fly through the air. They’d probably crash too...


Created as a marketing ploy in the early 80's for his 4x4 shop, Bob Chandler built the first Bigfoot (and first monster truck) by transplanting a body of a ‘74 Ford F-250 on to the chassis of a military top-loader he bought from surplus. The “truck” now rode on 48" tires and had all wheel steering. Someone convinced Bob to let them film Bigfoot driving over some old cars, and the rest is history.

This is the first monster truck in Greenlight Collectibles’ promising new line of “vintage” car-crushers. It’s also the very first Bigfoot ever built; Bigfoot I. There’s a clean version and a dirty version, this one here being the latter. It looks like it just completed a mud bog run, with tires covered in brown paint and mud covering up much of the iconic blue body. Loads of detail for a model of the 1/64 scale variety.


Nine out of ten times, I would have left this one on the pegs, but the wave of nostalgia hit me like a wall right there in the toy aisle. Suddenly it was 1995 again and I was popping another one of my uncle’s VHS tapes into the VCR to watch Bigfoot take on the likes of Snake Bite, USA-1, Grave Digger, and the Carolina Crusher. If I get too caught up in a YouTube rabbit hole watching old monster truck videos, Greenlight might have me buying up their whole collection.


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