A couple months ago, I received my end of a long-awaited iHWEP.

It’s a box of French goodies from Jobjoris!

Back in late 2017, I contacted him about a neat piece I came across in Japan, and soon we arranged an iHWEP. I sent him some goodies via philipilihp in the U.S. and began discussing what to get in return.

After some time with little communication, a mystery box arrived directly from the Netherlands.


Jobjoris picked out a several neat Norev castings, some that I knew I wanted, and some I didn’t even know I needed.

Some of these are quite oversized compared to most of my 1:60-1:70 collection, but I’ve had my eye on a few old 1:50-1:55 pieces to match.


Thanks again, Jobjoris! Hope to see you around on LaLD more!