So Edu-Petrolhead and I worked out an epic trade.

We also found out that we both have work interests in space. Him an astrophysicist and me a mechanical engineer specializing in space systems. As such there are a few perks he threw in related to space!

Let's get started!

Oooooo a box from Brazil!!!

Extra wrapping for me to get through,


Buick GSX (right?) box! It's the RLC of Brazil welcome box :D

Oh hey look! A sweet hat! My hair rarely sees the sun due to me wearing a hat anyways. Oh and what's that there on the hat?


Star Trek Tie Clip! I'm a Star Wars guy, but I will be wearing it to my aerospace conferences nonetheless :D


Oooo and check that out! I'm thinkin there are goodies underneath.



First up we have the sweet RLC Custom AMC AMX

Love those old-school wheels.


Next up is this sweet C4 Rally! Never seen one of these guys.

I've always liked the Old Number 5.5, but this is the only one in a good color scheme. And it's a Treasure Hunt!


Super slick hot rod - the '49 Merc


For the Coup de Grace - Hot Wheels Brazil collector event Deco Delivery. This thing is one of the nicest casting/tampo combinations I've ever seen. It's glorious. Those Real Riders have portuguese stamped on them. (I'm sure Edu could translate).

And for the last little tidbit, some sweet space postcards!! Since my fiancee is a middle-school science teacher, I'm going to let her show these to the kids to get them excited about space stuff.


So yeah, amazing trade with Edu-Petrolhead. Hopefully soon his package will arrive and he can show off his goodies as well.

Another successful iHWEP!