Big things with little cars

Impala SS

The last of the performance package “boats” that was successful from 1994-1996 for 2 years it was a beast of a car. Sadly due to it being one thirsty car and the truck/SUV craze it was discontinued. The 3rd GM body vehicle to be fitted with the LT1 V8 (Corvette and Camaro) it had a lot of pick up and go with (on paper) 260 HP but could be easily re-tuned via a chip and computer reset to over 300 HP to match its police package Caprice counter part.

Revell had the best versions of the car all the correct details for 1:64th scale where Johnny Lightning and Racing Champions was very incorrect and bland. It was primarily used in the Low Rider magazine series and only one stock form was used in the Collectable Chevy line that was mostly found in special hobby stores or dealership gift shops.


Credit goes to Matt(@mattylightning) for finding the lot that had the 3 carded revells and offered them to me (along with some JL Impalas and Caprices) for a very fair value!

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