It’s over 25 years old, so someone has imported a Nissan 280z to drive around on the streets here in Michigan, :). ....It’s actually my last bday present, :D.

Yep, it’s a TLV-N! And here’s the story on how I wanted this car. Last month, while driving a couple towns over to buy some fish for ztp junior, I see a car in a used parking lot, a ‘81 Datsun 280zx. I was completely enamored. A couple days later I visited the car to see it in person. This was the closest I’ve been to a Datsun, and the first time I saw one in RL; older non-US brand cars are a rarity in this state.

Originally I had choosen, for my bday, a list of Ertl tractors, a few GL H&T sets, and maybe a rally car. Well, my mom got the rally car angled covered, so I was debating what to do next. While looking at Japan Booster’s eBay page, I came across this TLV-N. I’ve been wanting a TLV, but the price has been putting me off; but I’ll never be able to own one in RL, so maybe it’s the next best thing? MrsZtp made the decision for me but saying “if you don’t get it, you’ll regret it.” I immediately told her I wanted this. I hate to spend a lot of money on one diecast, but for the first time I’ll make an exception. Probably the last time too, I like the cars to be cheap, :).


Time for a review, :). It’s an absolutely beautiful car, and it seems to have all its curves in the right places, ;). As lald knows, I’m a stickler for true scale cars, and that’s why I’ve been interested in TLV, I wanted at least one for my collection. Last year I got a 1/64 Kyosho Ferrari FF, my very first and so far only Kyosho brand car. The FF is extremely lightweight, it’s 95% all plastic. But it’s plastic that looks good. Of course, since you assemble Kyosho cars, the rear tire’s of the FF don’t want to spin nicely, which is a colossal bummer. I bring this all up to compare it to the TLV-N. It feels heavy because it is heavy, mostly metal parts. The wheels on the same axle spin independently of each other, which is really impressive because neither GL nor AW usually do that. The TLV-N also has Tomica’s bouncy suspension, which really surprised me!

What I’m getting at is this, I like what they did with this car. :)


The details on this car are amazing too. For the taillights and the headlights they used clear plastic. Now, I’m usually for the painted headlights/taillights, I feel that the translucent plastic takes away from the look of the car. This car makes me think otherwise, they did that good of a job.

I will admit black isn’t the best color, because it does hide the body lines, but I do like it on this car. The wheels are awesome too, they look so...retro, :)


You might have to squint to see it, but just behind the front tire is a small tampo that says “Fairlady 280z”. I also love the gold stripe. And the ground clearance is just right. Sometimes the casting is perfect, but they put the diecast brand’s stock wheels on it which raises the car height, not here!


In conclusion, this car is awesome and I’m glad I got it. The price is still off-putting though, $17 + $7 for shipping, so $24 total. That’s a lot, for me, to spend on a diecast. I could of bought a couple of AW cars with that amount. But for a car that I absolutely love, I was willing to bite the bullet for it, but just this once though, :).

Happy diecasting!