Big things with little cars

In my search for more interesting 1:32-1:38ish scale cars, I remember Welly had them too.

So I went to their website, and looked around. That’s when I noticed this:

Not, not the GAZ(albeit it’s cool how they do those kind of cars). That Bugatti Chiron. They have the Chiron in 1/24 scale too. I feel as if the Chiron is getting more affordable die-cast options than its predecessor. Siku has a Veyron, and there are those 1:32 unbranded Veyrons, but, just about everything else Veyron is pricey. Let’s see if 1:64 scale will get a Chiron eventually.


I don’t know how easy it is to find these Wellys, but, I snapped more shots because of just how many interesting ones they have. I don’t know of anyone who actively collects these off scale models, but, Welly literally have everything from everyday cars to supercars to luxury SUVs in this off scale. See for yourself:


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